Yomni Sherbrooke - Yogi passport

Yomni Sherbrooke - Yogi passport

Options $ 35.00 - Yomni Sherbrooke - Yogi ticket
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The Yogi passport is for the person familiar with yoga who wants to enjoy a gathering of yoga lovers for a great cause.

This ticket includes:

  • access to the event and,
  • access to all workshops.

Bring your own yoga mat to enjoy fully your Yomni experience.
A $20 charitable tax receipt will be issued

We also suggest

$ 20

yoga session for a person with breast cancer

Offer a yoga session for a person with breast cancer. Yoga, for people with breast cancer, has been shown to be preferable to some psychosocial and educational interventions to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and fatigue.

$ 40

Yomni Sherbrooke - Explorer ticket

You are interested in discovering yoga in a beautiful outdoor event? The Explorer passport is for you. This passport includes: access to the event, access to all workshops  a yoga mat A $20 charitable tax receipt will be issued

$ 20

Yomni Sherbrooke - Mini Explorer ticket

Your child (8-12) would like to discover yoga in a great outdoor space? This passport is for him The mini explorer passport includes: access to the event, access to all workshops and a yoga mat.