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Anonymous 10/26/2020 20.00 $ Félicitations pour ton beau geste !
Ms. Lindsay Hasegawa 10/26/2020 30.00 $
Anonymous 10/25/2020 20.00 $ Bravo Natasha pour cet engagement. Nous sommes des amis de ton grand-papa et nous le trouvons fort courageux !
Anonymous 10/25/2020 30.00 $ Thank you for this very courageous act! Little things as hair mean so much. Many of us cannot even imagine the big changes we can bring to someone’s life. Big thank you to you and your big act of generosity!
Mr. Evan Smith 10/25/2020 20.00 $
Ms. Victoria Bresolin 10/25/2020 50.00 $ Natasha, I'm very proud of you.
Anonymous 10/24/2020 25.00 $
Anonymous 10/24/2020 150.00 $ Merci Natasha de t'impliquer dans cette cause. J'ai perdu ma grand-maman des suites d'un cancer. Merci Vincent
Ms. Sonia Vecera 10/24/2020 20.00 $ Maya, What a great gesture I am very proud of you. Looking forward to see you Xx
Ms. Mary Lou Hussain 10/23/2020 25.00 $ Lovely way to help kids with cancer.
Ms. Raymonde Guilmette 10/23/2020 40.00 $ Bravo pour ta belle initiative à cette cause. Je te trouve très brave de faire couper ta longue chevelure. Félicitations Natasha !
Ms. Angela Mancuso 10/23/2020 50.00 $ Amazing!
Ms. Sylvie Lavoie 10/23/2020 50.00 $ Bravo pour ta belle initiative.
Ms. Andrea Gilpin 10/22/2020 40.00 $ Way to go Natasha! Happy to support a great cause. I cut my hair in Dec and gave 16 inches to make wigs for children with cancer. Can’t wait to see your picture next week. Good luck and wonderful that you are participating.
Mr. John Giroux 10/22/2020 50.00 $ So proud of you Natasha. Love Granddad
Ms. Geneviève Mayers 10/22/2020 10.00 $ Un petit clin d'oeil à la beauté de ton geste!
Ms. Melanie James 10/22/2020 20.00 $ Well done, so brave of you!
Ms. Lara Ali 10/22/2020 20.00 $
Ms. Janet Ross 10/22/2020 40.00 $
Mr. Toby Molins 10/22/2020 50.00 $ Got Hats? Good for you! From fellow Durf resident.