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Dare to give



Donate your bra for the cause

Dare to give is an awareness campaign and a fundraiser of bras for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

$1 from La Vie en Rose for every bra you donate!


Choose your collection method 


From March 25 to May 9 for collections of 100+ bras

individual collection

For 100 bras and less, from May 17 to June 6




Created in 2008, the great bra collection to benefit our foundation takes place every spring with our partners La Vie en Rose, Rouge FM and Certex.

For each bra collected, our partner, La Vie en Rose, gives $1 to the Foundation up to a maximum of $200,000.

In 2018, thanks to your efforts, we raised more than

280,000 bras

$30,000 in donations from groups and companies in addition

Each bra collected counts, each donation counts.



The money raised helps to fund the Accès-recherche project in collaboration with McPeak Sirois
This project aims to make give more Quebeckers affected by breast cancer access to clinical trials in every region of the province through this program.

The McPeak-Sirois Group was co-founded in 2015 by Charles Sirois and Susan McPeak, a breast cancer survivor.



The donated bras are handed over to Certex, which takes care of sorting them. Certex not only protects the environment by helping to minimize landfill waste through its sorting centre activities, but also by giving a second life to clothing. Certain bras, depending on their type and condition, may be sold to local thrift shops. A bra with minor imperfections may be sold for export to developing countries. For optimal chances at a second life, the donated bras should not be cut up or modified.


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