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Pink Tour

The Pink Tour: Join the Movement!


What is the Pink Tour?


The Pink Tour is the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s biggest fundraising activity.

Let’s get active and cover as many kilometres as we can. Together, let’s help advance breast cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer afflicting women in Quebec. Every year, 6,500 women are diagnosed. Thanks to efforts by people like you, the survival rate is now 88%.

Until September 29th, work toward your distance goal at your pace and in your own way: biking, running, walking, swimming, doing yoga, playing tennis, dancing, etc. All physical activity counts toward your goal!

To help you, the Foundation will provide tips and tricks on how to best reach your fundraising and distance goals.


Do it for you. Do it for her. Do it for him. Let’s do it together.

The Pink Tour: sports movement and fundraiser

May 1: Registration and start of the challenge
Sept. 29: End of the challenge and celebration

Anyone who wants to take charge of their health and make a difference. The Pink Tour is adapted to all fitness levels.

Anywhere you want to get your body moving, no matter where you live.

Choose one of four goals : 75, 250, 500 or  1,000 kilometres.



What steps do I need to take?


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Why participate?

  • Enjoy the many benefits of physical activity

  • Support people affected by breast cancer

  • Rest assured that the funds raised stay in Quebec

  • Advance cancer research

  • Take advantage of the many tools available to reach your fundraising goals

  • Take on the challenge as a group, with family, friends or colleagues


    Committed Quebec Celebrities

    The following celebrities are proud to participate as the “celebrities” of The Pink Tour. This cause is near and dear to the hearts of Mitsou Gélinas, Geneviève Tardif, Charles Hamelin, Julie Boulanger, Marjorie Vallée, Caroline Dumont, Nadège St-Philippe, Claudia Marques, Valérie Sirois, Joanne Boivin, Pascale-Lou Angelillo and Valérie Sardin who have chosen to get involved in the fight against breast cancer.


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