How does it work?




  1. Create an account or, if you already have an account on the new site, choose your campaign at the bottom of the page.
  2. Decide if you want to register as an individual, as part of a team (if it already exists) or as a team leader (create your own team).
  3. Set your distance goal, in kilometers and if you wish to receive a medal.
  4. Determine your fundraising goal and update your profile description.
  5. Enter your address and credit card information. Don’t worry! The site is 100% secure and protected.
  6. That's it, you're now registered! Allow 24 to 48 hours maximum for your account to be approved.
  7. You can now start accumulating kilometers and soliciting donations.



  1. To make changes to your profile, click on “LOGIN” at the top of the page.
  2. Log in. If you’ve forgotten your password or are unable to log in, click on “Forgot password?”
  3. We invite you to listen to the short video at the top right of the login area. You will then discover all the functionalities of our website.



  1. All sports count toward your kilometers, which you can log directly in your account.
  2. Consult the table of equivalencies for the different activities.
  3. To add kilometers to your account, log in by clicking on "LOGIN" at the top right.
  4. Then click on "My Campaigns" and then on "Pink Tour" and you will be able to enter your km at the bottom of the page. 
  5. For group motivation, don’t hesitate to organize activities with your friends, family or colleagues!


Step 4: Collect donations

 Follow these steps to achieve your goal:


Make sure you set a fundraising goal. Then, choose an image that represents you and write a page description explaining why you got involved. Pages that have a personalized image and description collect twice as many donations as pages that are not personalized!

 We also suggest you set the example: make a symbolic donation on your page because people are more likely to give when there is already a donation than when the amount raised is at $0.

 You can also create a news item to inform age visitors about your campaign. For example, you could write a short piece about a sports activity you’ll be participating in or your impressions of the Pink Tour. Or what about a message to thank your donors?


The second step is to ask your friends and family for donations. It is best to share the link to your page (in your browser’s search bar when you are on your page). There is also a “Share” button at the bottom right of each page.

 Here are some ideas for asking friends and family for donations:

 Send an email with a link to your page

  • Post your campaign link, an image and the reason why you are involved to Facebook
  • Poster your workplace
  • Organize a fundraising activity (wine and cheese, board game night, half and half draw, etc.)


It is important to thank your donors by email, on Facebook or in person.

 We have developed some tools that will help you raise donations more easily.


Have questions? Consult our FAQ page










How do I create a team?

  1. Create your account or, if you already have an account on the new website, choose “Pink Tour” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Register as a team leader.
  3. Select your kilometer goal.
  4. Order your medal (additional charge of $5 for delivery).
  5. Set your personal and team fundraising goals and write individual and team descriptions.
  6. Then, fill in your address and credit card information. Our site is 100% secure and protected.
  7. That's it: you're now registered! Allow 24-48 hours maximum for your account to be approved.
  8. You can now start accumulating miles and collecting donations.

If my family wants to participate, do we have to register individually or as a team?

 Doing the Pink Tour as a family is a truly memorable experience. You can do it as a team or at your own pace. It’s your choice! If you want to accumulate kilometres with family members (or friends or colleagues), you need to form a team. Start by designating a captain who will create the team when they registers for the Pink Tour. The other members will then be able to join the team. If you want to do the Pink Tour individually, just register as a participant.

We are a group of employees from the same company. How can we participate?

 You can participate as an individual or as a team. If you wish to do the Pink Tour as a group, you will have to designate a captain who will create the team when they register for the Pink Tour. The other members will then be able to join the team. The captain also accepts (or refuses!) requests to join their team.

What happens once I am registered?

 You will receive a confirmation email. You can then download your bib and join our private Facebook group. Your personal fundraising page will be automatically created and you can customize it by adding photos and videos. You will also be able to modify your profile. We encourage you to tell your story, share what’s driving you and update your page regularly. This will help you fundraise and get friends and family to support you through our website.

How do I access my account and add my kilometres?

 Please refer to the section “Accomplish your kilometers.”

Can I register several members of my team with my email address?

 No, each participant must have their own email address and therefore their own participant record. Children must also have their own email address to participate in the Pink Tour.

My child does not have an email address so how do I register him/her?

 If you want your child to have a participant profile, you will need to create an email address for them. If your child does not need to have their own participant profile, contact us. We can handle their registration.



Do I have to collect donations?

 Raising funds is easier than you think! We invite you to visit our section on the subject for inspiration. But we care about your well-being. Doing a sports activity is a powerful way stay healthy, so if you cannot raise funds, we encourage you to accomplish the distance if your choice, whether that’s 75 km, 250 km, 500 km or 1,000 km.

 If you do not wish to raise funds, enter the number “0” when answering the question on fundraising.

 But keep in mind that while your registration brings you to the starting line, but it is the fundraising that brings us closer to a cure for breast cancer.

Where does the money go?

Visit our section to find out what donations are used for.

Are donors entitled to tax receipts?

Yes, anyone making a donation of $25 or more will be receive a tax receipt. Please note that Pink Tour participants are not eligible for tax receipts.



I missed the registration date and the event has already started. Can I still participate in the Pink Tour?

 Yes, you can start whenever you want! We like motivated people. All you have to do is accumulate at least 75 km before September 29. But why not also do some fundraising? Visit our easy fundraising page for inspiration!

What’s in the Pink Tour for me?

 In addition to having a powerful and inspiring experience, you will receive a medal (additional delivery fee of $5) after you register.

 You will also receive a bib to print out, in the name of the person for whom you are accumulating the kilometres, whether that is yourself or a loved one.

 We also offer you the equivalence chart (MET) created by our kinesio-oncologist Myriam Filion. It will help you convert your favourite physical activity into kilometers! For example, an hour of yoga is worth 3 km!

 Do you want to stay connected to the movement? Join our private Pink Tour Facebook group! You will find all the information about the Pink Tour, as well as exciting contests and information from health professionals.

 Finally, the Pink Tour gives you a ticket to the September 29 celebration of all the kilometers we will have accumulated together!

Is the Pink Tour a sports event or a race?

 The Pink Tour is a daily experience and a non-competitive event. We encourage you to run, walk, swim, cycle or do any other physical activity you enjoy at your own pace. The goal is to accumulate kilometers and funds together in the fight against breast cancer.

I am registered for the Pink Tour. How can I share my progress?

 Use the “Share” button under your participant profile to share on Facebook. Feel free to comment your journey by adding photos to your message. We also invite you to show your bib so that your supporters can see who you are collecting your kilometers and donations for. You can also post on social media with the #virerose or #pinktour hashtags. Once you have reached your goals, share them proudly with jelaifait or #ididit. Finally, you can create a news item on your site. Watch the tutorial to understand how.

Why should I share my journey on social media?

 Because sharing content means sharing your commitment. The more you share, the more people will learn about the cause, and the more likely they will support you in your fundraising effort.

 For fun, it also makes you eligible for a bunch of contests. Several contests await you over the summer, so take a picture of yourself and share your profile on your networks, using the #vireerose or #pinktour hashtags!



What are the registration categories?

 You can choose between 75 km, 250 km, 500 km or 1,000 km.

 Kilometers can be done by walking, running, swimming, kayaking, rollerblading or any other activity, as long as you are physically active. So get moving! You have until September 29 to reach your goal.

I’m afraid I won’t reach my kilometer goal.

 No problem. The important thing is to try and to do your best. Gradually, you will improve your physical condition and that’s what counts most.

My target wasn’t high enough. Can I do more?

 Of course! All your additional kilometers will help participants who cannot reach their goal.



What will happen on September 29?

 In a huge event, we will celebrate every kilometer and every donation we accumulated together! Concerts, activities for the whole family, picnics: we will be celebrating for sure!  

I want to participate in the Pink Tour, but I can’t come on September 29. Is that a problem?

 We will be sorry you cannot be there, of course, but there is no obligation. Already, we will be very grateful if you finish your challenge and accumulate kilometers and donations!

Where’s the rendez-vous point on September 29?

 Meet us at Maisonneuve Park (4601 Sherbrooke Street East) in Montréal at 11:30 am.



Do I also have to participate in one of the challenges organized by Vélo Québec, such as the Défi des Laurentides or in the Eastern Townships?

 No, these challenges are not required. They are just suggestions of fun ways to diversify your kilometers or for cyclists looking for a little more challenge. However, if you register for one of these events through the Foundation’s website, you will get a discount.

I’m already registered for the Pink Tour. Can I still benefit from a promotional rate?

 Yes, of course! We have promotional codes for each event so you can enjoy a discount.

 - Vélo Québec's challenges: VIREEROSE